Debbie Wells

 She is one of those people that people like.  Everyone does.  There are many reasons to like her.  For one thing, she is kind. Always.  And, she smiles.  She was a friend to me and opened her home to me so many years ago that it’s hard to count sometimes.

She taught me how to iron ruffles on little girl’s dresses.  She taught me how to iron pockets and collars.  She thought I was funny and smart.  She let me help and made me feel helpful.  She could deliver a hard correction without leaving me bloody and demoralized.  She oozed God stuff.

If she hadn’t been there for me that one week, I would have been lost forever to my fears and sucked back into the swirling mess that was my life.  She was clear.  She was peaceful.

She opened God’s word to me and made it come alive.  She made me hungry for LIFE.

She laughed hard.  She wept beautifully.

One time they came to my little apartment with all the kids.  (I don’t remember how many at that time.)  They ate spaghetti with me, told me it was good, settled back and enjoyed my home.  At church on Sunday they told everyone of my hospitality.  I was embarrassed but I grew a lot that day.  Good affirmation.

She made repentance and growth seem possible and good and I believed her.

They came to my wedding and they wept and smiled and prayed for and loved us.  They were genuinely happy for Handsome and me.  That was the last day I saw her.

Today, Debbie went to be with Jesus.

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19 thoughts on “Debbie Wells

  1. She sounds wonderful. It sounds like she loved you very much. She was right to see the good she saw in you, and I'm glad you had her. I'm so sorry you've lost her. I'm sorry you're having to deal with more grief.

  2. What a beautiful person she was. Sounds like she was part of an important part of your life journey so will always be very special to you now and forever. God bless her husband, family, and friends during this time.

  3. I'm so sorry, GP. I feel like I know her a little because of your post. What a wonderful legacy she has left through the love she showed you.

  4. My heart weeps with you my dear friend. I'm so thankful that the Lord place her in your path to point the way to Him. I'm so glad you have great memories of her. I'm so sad for your loss… praying that you will find comfort in your time of grief.

  5. Hey, KayCeeBee. How are you doing? I understand a little. I'm thinking you've had more recent contact…maybe still friends with her? I guess we might see each other at the service. May you be comforted. It is sad.
    Thanks for your kindness, ya'll. It is sweet. I sure do appreciate it.
    God helped me yesterday. I had something to do last night that needed my focus and I was able. Today, I'm grieving.

  6. The last time I actually saw her and chatted with her for a couple of minutes was right about a year ago…at a meeting for an educational co-op. I remember wanting to talk more, but she had questions that she was needing to get answers for from the teachers. I remember the last look…I remember catching eyes with her for what seemed like a long lingering "last glance"…and little smile. I am SO GLAD that we happened to see each other that day.
    When I read it in the health update blog on Thursday, I just immediately felt a sense of loss. I guess it's hard to explain. Now, of course, she was not in my day to day life as far as going to church together as we once did, but ever since I heard the news in September and found the health update three months later…reading every single entry in one sitting…I've been checking in every day…sometimes twice…or more really over the past couple of weeks. So, yes, I guess in this way I have felt a closer connection with her over this period of time…writing her quite a few e-mails…thoughts and poems that I have written and such…she having responded to a couple of them during a time when she was feeling well enough to sit down at the computer…which was so immensely cool to hear back from her!
    Her story and the testimony of how she carried herself through the course of her ordeal was very inspiring to me and spoke to my heart…in the midst of difficult times in my own life experiences…reminding me of lessons that sank into the core of my being back during the days when I learned from her ministry. The thing that stands out to me the most from that time was her message of how we have a choice in how we respond to life's difficulties and trials.Not that we don't cry and struggle through difficult issues, but that, ultimately we choose to hunker down and trust Jesus and snuggle in closer to Him.
    It has been inspiring to me to have "seen" from afar Debbie not allowing her illness to dictate her behavior and her response. She CHOSE to be an OVERCOMER through Jesus. She CHOSE not to allow her illness to beat her spiritually, emotionally, or mentally. I needed to see this…I needed to see her WIN…to make it through to the other side in VICTORY! I didn't want to see this disease beat her physically…it looked like she was going to beat it…then it emerged again even more vicious than ever…yet she remained full of faith and encouragement for others.
    You know, I think, through the years…though our paths in life led in different directions, there was just this sense of knowing that she was there and still walking out her faith in strength that was comforting…just knowing she was still there.
    Okay…there's lots I could say, but I'm really tired…I've got to close my eyeballs for a while.

  7. Praying today GP. I've been wondering about you with all these storms I'm hearing about. May you have a blessed time as you celebrate a life well lived.

  8. Thanks for your prayers. The heavy rains slacked off all afternoon and flights were able to land and people arrived safely. The rains have returned today and we are getting buckets.

  9. The rest of the original post was cut out for some reason. Anyways, it means alot to see testimonies like this about Mom. It helps the healing process for sure. Thanks for sharing about her impact on your life.

  10. Well, I named the post "Debbie Wells" and that might be part of the thing. I also post with Tags and have set my settings to allow people outside of the neighborhood to search Tags. So, this blog was searchable. Sometimes I do set the privacy settings to a more restricted setting. MOST of the time I post for anyone.I'm glad Josh was encouraged by it.

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