QotD: My Dream Job

What's that secret dream job you've always believed you'd be good at, but never gone for? 
Submitted by wedgeh.

I always wanted to be either a spy or a private detective.

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8 thoughts on “QotD: My Dream Job

  1. Growing up, Mindy, I'd say that these were my favorite shows. I watched Manix, Kojak, Magnum PI, Mission Impossible and the like. Anything that was a true mystery also caught my attention. My favorite books were the Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys stuff. Also there was Harriet, the Spy and the Encyclopedia Brown books. I think I caught the bug around 3rd grade. I like the Mission Impossible movies (even though they've been lame) and Bourne Supremacy (not lame).

  2. Yes, the soundtracks are important! I think I can confess here that I have one clear memory of carrying my little note pad and sneaking around the backside of our home…clearly having "spy music" in my head as I stealthily moved around. (Where are your personal orchestra's when you need them? :D)

  3. Good times! I'm picturing string players following behind you as you stealthily move towards a suspect (the double-bass seems to be caught in a bush). You pull out your note pad but the strings increase in volume and warn you of danger to come! Of course, your self defense skills are unparalleled and the bad guy is knocked out cold before he knew what hit him. Well done! Case closed. Time for some popcorn.

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