Attention Chicks In My Neighborhood

SOMEBODY recently blogged about attending a women's retreat with a woman speaker.  The woman has a ministry…has written some books…about women and sexuality…  Who blogged about this?  I looked up the woman's website…saw a book that I think would be helpful and cannot retrace my steps!





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13 thoughts on “Attention Chicks In My Neighborhood

  1. Hey GP. I recently posted a link about a conference that I was leading worship for where Paula Rinehart was speaking. She wrote the book, Sex and the Soul of a Woman. Not sure if that was the one you were talking about, but it's a possibility. Here's her website.

  2. It was just a small link that I mentioned in passing during the whole guitar fiasco. Plus, they've removed the information about the conference from the site, so it would've been difficult to track there anyway. Glad that was it, though. 🙂

  3. Thanks, gals. I'll look at the other book too. Let's be nice to Cheryl. She was all set to rescue but, alas. Hey Cheryl, if you want to recommend a book…you may do that. We need your help. 😀

  4. :::quivering lower lip::: You need my help?
    :::loud blowing of the nose into handkerchief:::
    :::speaking with hesitation::: Okay
    I recommend,,,ummmmm…Holes
    :::big silly grin:::

  5. Ha!!!! I'm killing myself laughing. I am indeed a WOman but if I see any good Godly men I'll be sure to send them your way, BBOS. You're so fun. I need you too.

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