Where Is GuitPicken61?

I know I've been postless!  It has been KA-wazy! Since May 8th (date of last post) so much has happened that I have been forced to the tasks-at-hand. 

Let me back up a bit.  We celebrated our April 17th anniversary a little bit late, but My_BBOS didn't let us forget to observe it on the day.  On May 1st I went to the doctor complaining of a persistent upset tummy and a sore shoulder.  The upset tummy was due to a gallbladder gone bad.  (It's been trouble for years but I never mentioned it to the doctor.)  Tests were scheduled.  On May 3rd Debbie Wells passed away. 

Handsome and I looked at a house that was being built in our neighborhood and thought it looked really nice so on May 7th we decided to make an appointment to look at it more closely.  That was the day of Debbie's funeral.  On May 9th I had a test to confirm the problem with the gallbladder.  It was confirmed on that day that I would not be doing the local Living Waters program in the coming year.  (This was very much anticipated and I have positive feelings about it, but I am so invested in the program here that it was a shocking change in the middle of a pile of emotionally demanding things.)  On the 10th we made an offer on the house we were looking at and that meant that we were going to put our house on the market.  That also happened to be closing night for support groups.  Whew.

We spent Mother's Day weekend packing and moving things around to ready our house to be looked at and, hopefully, sold.  On the evening of Monday the 14 we signed and the house went on the market on Tuesday morning.  It SOLD that day!  Amazing.   This happened to be the week of the closing banquet.)  We signed papers on Saturday…and on Tuesday the 22nd I saw the surgeon and confirmed a date for surgery.  I scheduled a light week to return phone calls and emails and then hosted my Living Waters team at my home for dinner on Thursday the 24th. 

I had surgery on Monday, June 1st and now write to you sans the gallbladder.  I feel well-enough but am pretty lonely.  (Poor me.) :D

Moving date is Thursday, June 14th & Friday the 15th.  We close on the houses on the 15th. 

Frankly, I haven't had much free time.  Sorry.

That's the short version of where I've been.

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