Random Thoughts

It's getting late and I am still up.

Is personal narrative really an acceptable form of writing for the public?

Why do I accumulate so much stuff?

I am learning the difference between "nice" and "nicer."

Why must we all learn to live with disappointment?

Sometimes surgery IS better than pills.

Where am I going to put my house plants?

Is shelf paper really necessary?

Pull-out shelves are VERY nice.

Why aren't all cabinets equipped with adjustable shelves?

Mexican food!

I'm moving Friday and I can't sleep!

Did my grandfather create a monster when he taught me that rasin bran and grape nuts mix together nicely?

I wonder how DeeDee is doing?

I miss long and lingering Summers filled with Putt-Putt golf and back yard plastic swimming pools.


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6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I had crazy random thoughts like you about 2-1/2 months ago (when I moved).
    And I'd suggest adding another cereal to the mix and make it three.
    Moving is a bear but it's a great time to reduce clutter. Happy moving GP, I'm happy for you and H.

  2. Well, those are some random thoughts… Can you eat Mexican better now, without an ailing gallbladder?I miss Putt-Putt, too, though I was awful at the game.Personal narrative for the public acceptable… acceptable for whom?Hope you get a nap in today.

  3. Your random thoughts on "nice" verses "nicer" might be a fun read.
    Cereals mixed are better in my opinion. My father taught me to put corn flakes in burritos and mustard on biscuits and gravy… I still do it today…YUM!
    As for me, plastic swimming pools are still a very big part of my summers.

  4. Sticky shelf liner is irritating and not very interesting to look at. I have wrestled it off many a kitchen shelf only to find its residue left behind.If shelves must be covered, I use the plastic-foamy-roll-out kind that keeps everything in place, comes in many colors (and not funky 80's designs), and is easy to remove.Otherwise, I sand and paint.

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