Just Around The Corner

Yup!  We are moving on Friday.  It is, however, just around the corner.  We can see the roof and driveway from the porch of our home now. 

I'm mentioned that Handsome is really into home projects and we've been making changes (both major and minor) since just before we married.  We painted the exterior together and our marriage survived!  There has been tiling in the kitchen and both bathrooms that was done inexpensively but well.  Mark just recently finished tiling the exterior of the fireplace and made it a thing of beauty with slate and trim that was just beautiful! 

But Handsome has another habit (or hobby, by why quibble?) of looking at new construction.  It is actually a "date" thing at our house.  We pile in the car and go looking at new construction.  H even does it when he's alone.  One day they began to construct some new homes in our neighborhood.  That was fun because it meant having the opportunity to "go looking" by simply driving in or out of the neighborhood.

There was one last lot they someone built a foundation on last Summer.  All through he seasons the foundation sat there while other homes were begun and completed.  Finally they began to build upon the new foundation.  As the house rose we began to notice the quality and size of the place.  As they bricked and roofed it we saw the beauty.  When the builder posted a flier with the details of the house, Handsome and I were unanimous in our decision to make an appointment to see the thing better.  By the time we finished that viewing, we were unanimous in our decision to try to get this house. 

It is so nice.  There is room for having friends in.  In addition, it has a utility room.  (That might mean a pet since there is a place to let them in or out AND/OR to put a cat box.)  I think there will be enough room so that I can invite my whole VOX neighborhood over.  (I'm kidding there.  Don't get excited!)

So, I should be in bed but it is raining hard and I like the sound of it.

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13 thoughts on “Just Around The Corner

  1. MEET some of your NEW NEIGHBORS!
    Sounds like you'll be in wonderful company!
    LOVE YA!
    PROPERITY is just around the corner.
    LIFE is just around the corner, too.
    PEACE is just around the corner.
    (You can get your own bumper sticker to shout this one out)
    HEAVEN is just around the corner. (Um, so is HELL.)
    HAPPINESS is just around the corner.
    CHRISTMAS is just around the corner.

  2. GP I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as you move and hope that all the signings are swift and trouble free. I hope that nothing breaks in the move…. especially the things that I packed. lol – can't wait to see it after you all get moved in HINT HINT.

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