Barbara’s Recovery Update

***UPDATE 6/20 at 7:46 p.m.  I talked to MyBBOS and she reports that Barbara is continuing to eat some and is digesting well.  They have encouraged her to move and though her ability to move much is very limited due to malnutrition and muscle weakness, she IS moving.  They hope that tomorrow she will be moved to the rehab hospital. 

***UPDATE:  7:35 p.m. CST   They have finished administering 2 units of blood to Barbara.  All her vitals have returned to normal.  This is very good.  Her stomach is still upset but she is eating and digesting.  They did diagnose a bacterial infection that is commonly transmitted in hospital settings.  VRE (vancomycin resistant enterococcus) is resistant to vancomycin (a very powerful antibiotic used to treat otherwise untreatable bacterial infections).  Our neighbor didn't update me on that VRE thing but other things are looking good.  There doesn't seem to be any sign of rejection of the blood and that is great.  Oh, it turns out that Barbara didn't want to be transfused because she was concerned that it would harm the new kidney.  Once the doctors reassured her and her family confronted a bit, she went for the treatment.  Those of you who are called to pray, please stay with us.  It is good.

I haven't been able to visit yet due to the move and my own recovery but I do hope to visit wherever she is by Friday.  Practically that is ministry needed to the whole family and not just Barbara.

 ****UPDATE:  After a hard confrontation this morning, Barbara agreed to take the transfusion.

This just in from My BBOS…

The hemoglobin test this afternoon came in.  Barbara's counts are still very low.  They did not drop but they didn't really rise either.  She has begun to eat some.  Digestion is going pretty well.  This may reflect some progress. 

What needs to happen is that her hemo counts need to rise.  She needs to continue to eat on her own. She needs to continue to digest.  She needs to willingly do what is necessary.  If she isn't going to recover on her own, she needs to have a transfusion.  If she does a transfusion she needs to physically handle that with no evidence of rejection. 

On my own I'll add that I worry about My BBOS because her life has been struggling along since November (and maybe a couple of months before).  She was generous and gave her kidney to her sister but the fact is that her life has been pretty much on hold ever since.  There have been numerous hospitalizations of her sister and the death of her brother-in-law.  In addition, her mom has had some needs and BB's company shut-down their operations in Oklahoma.   This gal really needs to have a chance to get back on track with her life.  That is, I'll admit, my opinion but I am concerned.

That's it for now.

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14 thoughts on “Barbara’s Recovery Update

  1. Dear BBOS has been through so much. I echo your concern for her and the Lord is hearing about it too.
    BBOS when you read this …lots of love and hugs to you.

  2. We are certainly praying and it is good to know the reason for her initial refusal of the transfusion was concern and not because she was giving up on life.
    Overall, this is an encouraging update (vitals, digestion, her will to live). Where is this bacterial infection? Do you know?

  3. I think it is in her blood. This is an infection that is transmitted by unclean practices…improper washing…not really using universal precautions. That is why hospitals are doing so many out patient surgeries. They reduce the chances of such infections by sending the patient home. (I just learned that.)

  4. GP thanks so much for all the posting you were able to do in spite of your busy schedule, move and recovery process. I can't tell you how much you are appreciated.
    Thank you all Voxolians for your love and support… specially the prayers and email – your encouragement is a huge blessing to me.

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