In A Word

This Quiet Life posted a meme and I thought I'd join since I haven't written lately.

1.  Where is your cellphone: Desk
2.  Relationship: Christ
3.  Your Hair: Enhanced
4.  Work: Detailed
5.  Your sister: Becko
6.  Your favorite thing: Chicken
7.  Your dream last night: Frequent
8.  Your favorite drink: Soda
9.  Your dream car:  Pending
10. The room you're in:  Office 
11. Your shoes: On
12. What do you want to be in 10 years: Alive
13. Your fears: Disqualification
14. Who did you hang out with this weekend: Friends
15. What are you not good at: Chillin'
16. Muffin: Blueberry
17. One of your wish list items: Patio
18. Where you grew up: Oklahoma
19. Last thing you did: Replied
20. What are you wearing: Comfort
21. What aren't you wearing: Shorts
22. Your pet: Pending
23. Your computer: Slow
24. Your life: Public
25. Your mood: Burdened
26. Missing: Drive-Ins
27. What are you thinking about right now: Relaxation
28. Your car: Repair
29. Your kitchen: Roomy
30. Your summer: Changing
31. Your favorite color: Red
32. Last time you laughed: Lunch
33. Last time you cried: June
34. School: Anxiety
35. Love: Home

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3 thoughts on “In A Word

  1. Forgive my ignorance, but what is a "meme"?
    I also posted one of these "In a Word" after you did, but I've never posted before, so I don't know if it can be seen or not. Can you see it?

  2. Hi, KayCeeBee! Thanks for doing this too.
    In the context of blogs, emails and such a "meme" is usually a set of questions that someone has answered and then you decide you will answer them too. From what I understand, this is a totally basic understanding. The whole thing goes back a long time to express an exchange of cultural info…person to person.
    Yes, you posted correctly for only your neighborhood to see. However, if you want others to be able to comment, you need to "edit" and change your reply settings.
    Congrats on your first VOX posting.

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