A Name

We're not sure.  Here's the new kiddo at our home.  More on that in a bit. 

I know I owe a post of the home itself, but I've really been letting myself rest knowing I'm getting ready to travel a bit.  Upcoming travel includes St. Louis, Branson (with my sister's family) and Kansas City.  So, it'll consume the next four weekends.  In between I get to speak at Ms.Butterworth's church.  I'm really honored. 

Okay.  The baby.  We haven't been able to settle a name. Her given name is "September" and that simply WILL NOT DO.  That would be something like Sep TEEEEEM Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Nope.  Won't work.  We need something cute since we have, so far, not called her anything but little, sweet nuthin' words.

Here she is.


Saffy 003Saffy 008Saffy 007Saffy 020Saffy 014

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18 thoughts on “A Name

  1. : ( My post disappeared.
    Lucy (as in "I Love" and a Charlie Brownish nickname you used to have)
    The pics of the tongue sticking out are hilarious. Award winning. I think you should crop that and blow it up. I also think you are in trouble and behaviour modification counseling is probably in order.
    The blue eyes are beautiful. Looks like she has eye liner on. Mabel? As in Mabelline.
    Allison's suggestions are Sapphire (is that what you are thinking calling her "Saffy?) or Cherish.
    You like coffee. How about Mocha?

  2. Precious Kitty…Okay so I'm thinking..Honey-nut, or Honey for shortGato – Spanish for Cat OR GatitoBabieRoaretteLuluPatches or PatchMissySassyPeaches

  3. Princess Di (since she doesn't like cameras)
    Cookies and Cream (Cookie for short)
    Sweet Thang
    Precious (as in Lord of the Rings)
    Regina (latin for Queen)
    Aki (meaning summer or bright)
    Phoebe (Biblical – the woman that aided Paul and others – it also means bright – this would also work with Josephs "E" theory)
    Maeve (MayV) it's Gaelic and means "intoxicating" this would also work with the "E" theory
    Tatania – the Queen of Fairies in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
    Last but not least would be POOKIE from Garfields love tattered teddy bear. (which would also fit with the "E" theory)

  4. I've always named my cats by noting a physical or behavioral characteristic. For instance, my kitty Tipper is a brown tabby with a little cream around his eyes and chin and a stark white tip at the end of his tail. Like sombody dipped him in a bucket of paint or something. We named another one (long ago) Screamer. And another Turbo, 'cause he just raced around any time he was on the move. Screamer's pretty self explanatory, huh? 😉 If she's sticking her tongue out and giving raspberries to everyone, what about Razzy? Ok… I guess that's lame. Never mind. 😉

  5. Thanks for the feedback, ya'll. Some of the ideas are great! We've had a week to get to know her a bit. Some of our names for her are not particularly "sweet" or kind. She is onery. She is selfish. She prefers to use humans as a cushion. However, she is loving and truly affectionate. She is indifferent toward me today since I was out of town for a few days. 🙂 Silly kitty.
    I think we're going to name her Saffy (short for Saffron). She is named for the daughter of Edina in the the BritCom, Absolutely Fabulous.
    So, sue me.

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