Does Anyone Else Remember Shakey’s Pizza?


14 thoughts on “Does Anyone Else Remember Shakey’s Pizza?

  1. Of COURSE! And those "discount" mega lunch deals they'd have, with the fried chicken and potatoes, pizza of course, salad, and a drink for like $5.99 or something like that. Almost 30 years ago!LOL! I guess they still have it!!

  2. Never heard of it! 🙂 Maybe it's not in my area…or maybe I'm just too young. Yeah, I like that one – I'm too young! Haven't seen you around these parts recently! Glad you're back.

  3. Blasto from the pasto! What MusicChick said. Used to go to the one in Chula Vista (CA) when I was younger… a lot younger. Used to sell plasma at the plasma center and then pig out at the buffet.

  4. You're being gracious. I was in my 20's and I had a rare antibody for hepatitis in my system. Rather than the usual $10 per visit, I got paid $75 twice a week for squeezing a tennis ball for 90 minutes, flirting with one of the male nurses, and having two bags of blood drawn and spun.Life was rough. Simply brutal at times. But we made do.

  5. I know that Mazzio's bought Ken's Pizza but I don't think it tastes like Ken's. Does it? Different sauce…different cheese…I dunno.I still remember how the Shakey's Pizza smelled. Cheese pizza. That's what I remember.

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