FINALLY, Fall Has Arrived

Although it is Monday and I definitely do not want it to be Monday, I will post to celebrate the arrival of autumn in Oklahoma City.  Late yesterday afternoon the winds came up and the temperature began to fall.  It wasn't drastically cold or anything like that but there was a coolness and made me feel hopeful.  Immediately I felt frisky and organized my shopping list and went out to the local Walmart to do some grocery shopping.  (Their produce is always overpriced and really tends to look bad.  But, I digress.)  Walmart didn't have its usual effect on me. 

I got a close parking spot.  (This is always a bonus.)  My cart wheels rolled straight and true.  I felt forgiving, patient, energetic…almost godly.  :)  An older woman made a kind comment to me that just felt so good.  There was a low quantity of local hooligans and the clueless folks (for the most part) must have stayed home.  The place has been recently remodeled and I like it.

Shopping was carried out with ease and I was bagged and out of there pretty quickly.  I found a benefit of having the recycling bin in my trunk as the bags were contained and no cans or apples rolled out to the back of the trunk before I got home.

Once I arrived home, Handsome came to help me unload and we were put away and seated quickly.  But, I wanted to go back out and was thrilled when the good lookin' fella suggested a trip back out to return DVD.  Yippee!

By the time we got back, there was lightening and some light thunder.  Soon we had heavy rain and some pea-sized hail and I was completely thrilled with it all.

This morning we awoke to temps in the 40's and a forecast promising fall for the whole week.

I lead a charmed life.

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5 thoughts on “FINALLY, Fall Has Arrived

  1. Wow. You must be from somewhere else. We have varying degrees of hot or cool but it just is NEVER a prolonged winter around here. I like winter too. See these posts. Here…Here….Here…

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