QotD: Today’s Musical Horoscope

What's your musical horoscope?  (Put your player on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up.) 

I hope this list comes out cool instead of dorksville…

  1. Keeping the Faith by Billy Joel
  2. Speechless by Stephen Curtis Chapman
  3. Whispered Words by Peter, Paul and Mary
  4. From This Moment On by Diana Krall
  5. Make Me Smile by Chicago
  6. My Tree by Chris Rice  (Hmmm.  Do I know this song?  I don't think so.)
  7. Let Me Kiss You by Nancy Sinatra
  8. Priceless Treasure by Charlie Hall
  9. Paint My Life by John Michael Talbot
  10. A Place In His Heart for You by Farrell & Farrell

Okay.  I'll take that list.  I'm probably a 46-year old woman.  😀

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6 thoughts on “QotD: Today’s Musical Horoscope

  1. 1. Why? by Nicole Nordeman
    2. Italy by Julia Fordam
    3. Only One Love (My Beloved) by Yvonne Parks
    4. Pledge My Head to Heaven by Keith Green
    5. The Harvest is the End of the World by Charlie Peacock
    6. Nature by India Arie
    7. Yearn by Shane and Shane
    8. Mercy Seat (a teaching) by Beth Moore
    9. River God by Nicole Nordeman
    10. Japanese Story {closing credits} Original Soundtrack by Elizabeth Drake

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