David Cassidy and The Forty-Six Year Old

Once upon a time there was a forty-five year old woman who had nothing in particular in mind that she wanted for her forty-sixth birthday.  Her husband, undaunted, found what he thought was the ideal gift.  In a birthday card he pasted a picture of her childhood heart-throb, David Cassidy. 

I've quickly grown bored with the idea of a story, so let me say that I'm going to see David tomorrow.  :::::screaming and jumping up and down while clapping my hands::::

This was a video posted by a fan.  Fun.  It is going to show any flesh besides his armpits.  Don't worry.  πŸ™‚

He was born in 1950 though.  That makes him O-L-D!  REALLY O-L-D.

The Enid News published a little article about the upcoming concert. The article wasn't great and was slightly inaccurate.  The following made me laugh out loud:

β€œIt’s going to be a great show,” Barnes said. β€œI’m excited to
have a younger performer bringing a different level of entertainment.”

Heh heh heh.  "…a younger performer…"

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4 thoughts on “David Cassidy and The Forty-Six Year Old

  1. A younger performer. Yeah, that's hilarious… I mean, it's- it's not that funny… uh, h-he's, er his fans-, uh, he… he's young.
    BTW, those armpits were gross. David Cassidy or not, armpits- disgusting.

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