I Miss Him Most In December

It was his birthday month AND he was a man who did Christmas well.  He loved Christmas!  He was my dad.

It's strange to be so old now that he's been dead most of my life.  Some of the memories are fresh.  This is especially true of my Christmas memories.

We always made an annual visit to an outdoor mall.  We would walk the sidewalks among the stores and look into the large, decorated windows at the beautiful Christmas displays.  I loved the feel of the cold air, the smell of roasted nuts and the piped in music which added to the ambiance.

I miss my dad MOST in December. He loved beautifully wrapped presents and he gave and received presents with a child-like joy.

We always made a trip to a little gift store called Kamber's.  At Kamber's there were unusual offerings of engraved items, executive toys, silent butlers (Look them up!  They fell out of vogue!) and I loved that store.  It was not a children's store!

I miss my dad MOST in December.  One of the last Christmasses we had with him, we gave him a red flyer wagon to put his compressor in.  He LOVED it.  I loved that about him.

I miss my dad MOST in December.

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