Well, this post isn't about the seduction about which I could write volumes.  This post is about being seduced from one blog site to another…one social network to another…  I've been following my blogpapa, Randy Thomas, around like a big ole baby.  He is the first to admit that he changes blogs frequently, but REALLY!   Right now you can find him at until further notice.

Randy is the reason I came to VOX.  Somehow I saw the value in it after reading his posts and the responses of others for about six or seven months.  Eventually, I joined.  (I am not usually a joiner.)  Anyway, Randy provided an offering so sweet and the community was good to read.  Randy trotted off to his own, dedicated site and after some more time he moved over to Facebook and I followed.  Now, the social network scene is nice but it really has continued to feel pretty shallow.  It works nicely to occupy time and to play and to read prayer requests.  It is not too much more than that.  Also, there is the issue of multiple applications and invites to those applications AND a newsfeed SO intricate and involved that it will practically tell you if your friends scratched or went potty or made toast.

I will lurk on MySpace to keep up with my favorite artists and bands.  I will keep my Facebook connection to play PetrolHead and Fluff Pets…and to receive news and prayer requests but I am going to refocus here at VOX.  This is a good thing.

My year from last January until this Fall was topsy-turvy.  I miscarried a baby, relinquished a much-loved aspect of my job, bought and sold a home, moved homes, was up-close and personal with an illness and a death….uh….had surgery… and was over-run with needy humanity (which stops for no man). 

When I consider my walk with God and what my journey has been thus far, I think I see some value in the ongoing nature of sharing lives with my brothers and sisters who are on similar paths.  So, here I am.  I hope I am half the encouragement to you that you have been to me.

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28 thoughts on “Seduction

  1. I've come to like Vox very much and feel quite a connection with those I've met here. I was kind of surprised to feel a kind of relationship to people I've only met online; I don't know really how to define those relationships. But they're there.
    I've also enjoyed getting to know people on Vox whom I know offline as well, such as yourself. I've liked getting to know this deep, yet casual, and very funny side of you. I love the way you write! I don't know that it reveals another side of you, after all. I think it may… explain you better to me.
    So, I'm glad you'll be hanging out here more. πŸ™‚

  2. Cool, GuitPicken. The exorcist headturnings here and there can understandably get to be too much. Nice to hear you settling down. Sometimes it gets to feel like a telemarketer on the phone with another offering of more- like NO MORE PLEASE. Understandable.

  3. I have really missed your posts. Also, I love your heart and that you are authentic. Also, you are a worshiper that loves music like me. I pray that 2008 is a year of blessing, favor and rest and that the Lord give you much to write about. Love,Carol

  4. Wow, what a testimony. Truly, sorry about the loss of your child. Just recently, I have been with a couple who lost their son before birth. My heart goes out to you.
    I'll share my testimony about the last four years sometime soon on my blog. I went from drugs/ struggleing with SSA and the near lose of my marriage. Today, God has restored more to me than I could have ever dreamed. I will hold you up in prayer.

  5. I do hope you didn’t think I had ignored the parts in your above post about your loss, GP, as I had written to you at the time. I wrote with the motive of focusing on the fun part about blogging and no offence was intended.

  6. I don't know why my whole message didn't post but I went on to say that I am going to pray for you know. My heart is broken for you and your husband.As for being a flake on blogging services. Please forgive me. I think I have driven myself crazy enough to have had enough and will stay where I am at now. The Lord seems to have spoken to me pretty clearly about some things.You're in my heart prayers tonight.

  7. This is good. I could have checked the box…but it feels more personal this way. Personal…isn't that what we're all seeking? Just a touch from someone? Just something to help us know that somebody, somewhere cares? Someone–even a cyber-someone–to listen to our hearts cry when catastrophy strikes leaving us broken and bleeding in its wake? You are in my heart and prayers tonight, my sister.

  8. Im just glad you're writting… I know you have so much to share that is worth reading. and i've been reading your stuff so long i was finally tempted to enter in the blog world.(does that make you my blogmama?) Hope you expand your horizions beyond the blogo-sphere, would love to see you publish some of what I know is in you.
    definitly glad you r in my world, virtualy and otherwise. ;o)

  9. Ah, you guys are sweet! Thanks. Hey, I didn't feel slighted by any of these comments. I am a blessed woman and am grateful for your collective compassion and sharing. I appreciate your welcoming. Wish me luck on the focus thing.

  10. It sounds funny welcoming you back since I didn't think you actually left…but welcome back! Blessings on your focus, and I hope you have great success in what you want to do here on Vox. Did I say "welcome back"? πŸ™‚

  11. Thank you, GP: you know what it can be like with written communication. And of course, good luck on the focusing. Whenever I detect that a negative thought is coming, I just go, β€˜Next!’ Amazing how well this works. You beat me in Petrolheads today …!

  12. I thank God for allowing you to include me in your neighborhood. I look forward to your thoughts on what God is doing in your life and the journey that He has placed before you.
    You will be in my prayers tonight. May God bless your very steps this day and forever more.
    Continue to praise Him in ALL things.
    You Are Blessed to Be A Blessing, (thanks for sharing)

  13. How nice of you folks to write such things! I do appreciate it! Thank you. I don't know when I'll accelerate my postings or visits. Lately I've been nose-to-the-grindstone at work and at home. I took a week of vacation to just deal with dozens of annoying little tasks that needed attention. I'm enjoying the days in my own space. Today, the music is on and the shredding is getting gone. Yippee!

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