A Weary Comment About Politics

I am at home and not feeling well.  My numb brain wanders a lot when I don't feel well.  Every anxiety has a moment to visit.  Each idol thought from the months that have passed is likely going to be brought up.  That said, I've been thinking about politics and how I FEEL about them.  So, if you are expecting something upon which we can disagree (as if a changing sexual orientation wouldn't be enough) you have come to the right post.

My city voted last night to KEEP a 1 cent sales tax so that we can fund a remodeling of a 5-year old building in our downtown renovation project called "MAPS."  They say that this remodel will make us a better candidate for a professional sports team to come to our city.  They say it will bring us jobs and money and better living all the way around.  I love the downtown renovations, but really!  The building is only FIVE!  Without going all deep into the ideas around acquiring a professional sports team, I have a few thoughts to offer.  First of all, I was under the impression that people own sporting teams…maybe even companies…and that those people BUY a team, give them a home and try to make money with it.  I was also under the impression that COMPANIES own stadiums and ball parks and arenas for the most part.  I figure that THEY gain the most from their ownership/sponsorship.  They've promised that jobs (really, really good jobs) will follow the acquisition of a team because the city becomes more attractive to "good" companies.  Jobs galore will follow the acquisition of a team!  But, we don't have a team!  And, we have a 5-year old arena that has breathed new life in the downtown area and into the city.  Our downtown renovation has given us many other gifts.  For example, the downtown area is scenic.  Beautiful!  But, it costs $10 to park as it is. TEN DOLLARS to park the car to get to the thing that they are attracting us to.  If we want to eat, take a boat ride, SHOP, attend a concert we need to tack on $10 to the outlay of moolah for the night!  (Sometimes it costs a little less, I'll admit it.)

I've been watching/listening to C-SPAN2 all day.  It has the effect of listening to golf on a lazy afternoon.  You can't "watch" it really.  I wonder where all the Senators are?  I know where three of them are!  They are on the campaign trail.  Senator Obama has been running for President for about as long as he has been Senator.    If I had elected him in 2005 as MY senator in Illinois, I would be peeved.  I have my reasons.  In the past several years I have voted for some good folks who subsequently decided to do other things. A couple of those people elected in good faith seemed to have a little hissy-fit when we didn't get behind them on their bid for higher offices.

My city has come out of a long sleep and we are going to let them put "the arm" on us for the same money for longer and longer periods of time.  Is there such a thing a nickel and dime-ing us to death…one penny at a time?

As for the other election this past Tuesday I've got to say I'm getting really creeped out.  NONE of the candidates represent ME!

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4 thoughts on “A Weary Comment About Politics

  1. This is really good. I too love to get a glimpse of your creative self milling around someplace. Keep up the journey. I agree… I think it is STOOOOOOOPID what they are doing to attract a basketball team. It will definately make the parking go up… and I'm not a sports fan, yet I'm helping to pay for it… all I can say is some day we will all pay for the STOOOOOOOOOPID stuff we've done for mammon.

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