Polling All Men

If you are a man, I need your input.

Is there music which really makes you feel strong as a man…makes you think big thoughts…makes you dream big dreams…centers you…makes you want to leap over tall buildings…

Are you getting the idea?

This music really could be from any source, I just need your thoughts on it.

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15 thoughts on “Polling All Men

  1. Hm… If I was a man… well, probably the strongest emotional/imagination boost I get from music comes from movie scores. I think because they are written to evoke exactly what they do, and it's some of my favorite music.Some of my personal faves (and I've known lots of other guys who love these soundtracks, too) are: Last of the Mohicans, Gladiator, Star Trek: First Contact, and there's actually some really wonderfully orchestral arrangements from the Final Fantasy video games (they're hard to come by, though).

  2. Interesting question. As a man, what makes me feel energized and fully masculine depends on whether I am listing to it or playing it, because I a songwriter/performer, too. As far as listening, I agree with Mike that movie soundscores, which are the the modern equivalent to the symphonies and operas of the past (and "Last of the Mohicans" is a GREAT example – loved that movie and score – that sort of music and theme made me want to aspire to noble and heroic deeds) – have the aforementioned effect on me. Orchestral music does it for me. But I write and play primarily pop/rock music and when I play this stuff I write, it makes me feel as though I can do anything, overcome all odds. More than that, it gives me joy and hope. Country music, though I like much of it, does not have that effect. Heavy metal or rap would not, either. It's got to be classic rock or progressive rock that is unique and expansive. Having said all that: my secret ambition is to write comtemporary operatic scores eventually, as a side interest.

  3. the answer is yes. i'm a rock n roll/heavy metal kinda guy and enjoy the likes of Chris Cornell to Megadeth to progressive death metal giants Opeth. but those are purely for their entertainment/artistic value. the abrasive, crunchy riffs, power chords, dropped tunings, dissonance and feedback all make me feel macho and manly. but that's it; the only inspiration i get walking away from this music is the desire to form my own band and rock the socks off other people. the kind of music that REALLY inspires me – and i'm going to be really specific here – is the music of Keith Green. his is the only music that really makes me want to be more like Jesus, to live for God, to really be more than i could be for the Lord. and i find the effect to be much more satisfying to me as a man seeking purpose in this world than the fleeting feelings of coolness that i get from secular heavy metal. Keith Green's music is clear, direct, challenging, powerful, and loaded with God's TRUTH, which has the power to transform. so, yeah, while i feel very manly listening to blistering guitar solos and riffs from hell, i feel challenged to be a true MAN of GOD listening to Keith Green's piano and clarion call to follow Jesus.

  4. Thanks, Dan, for taking the time to reply. While I'll admit that I never thought I'd hear the words "Megadeath" and "Keith Green" together, it really painted a picture for me. I hadn't thought of Keith's music but see that you are on to something. His is STRONG music which aims directly at the devoted heart. It is music that makes someone choose.

  5. Let me know if you like any of those songs! :)Mute Math is a young band compared to the other artists I listed. They've only been around since 2003. Wikipedia has a good article with links to their sites.

  6. haha, yeah, a lot of people's eyebrows go up when i mention i'm a fan of megadeth and keith green! but i'm quite a selective listener – i only enjoy a handful of heavy metal bands, those that are really artistic or have some kind of background i admire. i mean, i can't stand the death metal genre as a whole but Opeth, growls and all, are an exceptionally talented band, it's hard not to admire their music.at the end of the day though, keith green's music and message are unparalleled. he was a man unquestionably devoted to Christ and asks that we be too. i can't listen to the music and not be stirred to live for God. you're right, it's music that makes you choose.

  7. Inspiring me and moving me to action/ empowering me
    Hallelujah chorus of Handel's Messiah
    1812 overture (with cannons)
    Bach's Brandenburg concertos
    Them from Chariots of Fire
    Deniss Jernigan's music, ie, Don't lose heart, Lonely, Celebrate Living, I will trust you, stand strong

  8. I really like dan's answer above and would respond similarly, replacing "Keith Green" with "Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Tchaikovsky". Heavy metal brings out the male animal in me, but classical music stirs my very soul — touches who I actually am as a man.

  9. Well I sure do appreciate your input. I am involved in a program which deals, in part, with the masculinity of men. (Everything else is unimportant at this time.) Some of the men decided that a CD mix of music which inspires the masculine soul would be a good thing to give the men. However, they delegated this project to a girl. As a result of this delegated duty, I decided to poll men. I had no idea where to begin.So, from the many suggestions I arrived at the following mix:Getting Stronger – Bob CarlisleListen to Our Hearts – Geoff Moore & DistanceFreedom – Seth PetersonWhere The Streets Have No Name – U2Freedom Battle – Michael W. SmithBurn For You – TobyMacControl – Mute MathLooks A Lot Like Me – Bryan DuncanSwimming From The Shipwreck – Charlie HallIf I Stand – Rich MullinsBravery – Charlie HallBurn Us Up – Shane & ShaneAscent/Pursuit – (from The Last of the Mohicans – Original Soundtrack)Not Ashamed – Jason UptonI Boast No More – Caedmon's CallBe Thou My Vision – Fernando OrtegaI Am Free – NewsboysWarrior – Caedmon's CallA Man After Your Own Heart – Gary ChapmanI really appreciate your contributions.

  10. I have some old favorites that haunt me from when I was a child: "The Impossible Dream"; "I need a hero"; "This thing called Love"; and Bill Gaither's "He touched me"; "He is everything to me"; Ray Boltz's "Thank You" (for giving to the Lord); Don Francisco's "He's Alive"; Brown Bannister and Mike Hudson's "Praise The Lord"I also like the newer "King of the Jungle"; "Victory Chant"; Martina McBride's "Anyway"; "God Believes in you!"; MercyMe " I Can Only Imagine"

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