Pregnant Man?

Well, that is how the reports are being given.  Gasp!  It's amazing!  A MAN is pregnant!


He isn't/wasn't a man. 

Well, he's been reassigned.  It is a legal issue.  He is legally a man.

Boing Boing's account

And such is the rhythm of our days.  He is a man because he says he is a man. 

But, he is a WOMB-man.  He has a womb.  He was born with it and elected to keep his internal female anatomy when he elected to have all the rest removed.  By "all the rest" I mean to say that he had his female chest removed and took testosterone therapy and grew facial hair.  He probably didn't elect to buy a penis.  It wasn't mentioned.

What an amazing thing. 

Fox News' better account  This account reports HER as a transsexual woman.

I think it is irresponsible to say that a MAN is pregnant.  There is no miracle here.

Well, pregnancy and birth is a miracle but THIS slant on it is NOT a miracle. 

If I consider the article posted the The Advocate, these folks are, in fact, a lesbian couple.  They are buying donor sperm. He/she went off the testosterone treatments and has temporarily embraced his/HER ability to carry a child.  The Advocate called it a "labor of love."  OH!  For crying out loud!

Since they brought it up, I have to question the idea of reassignment surgery for them because it has psychological implications too.  Didn't HE divorce himself for his identity as a woman?  Isn't this a situation of side-stepping what he says he has embraced?  He called himself his own surrogate!  Yikes!

Somebody help me.  I thought Dr. Alex Hesse was the first man…as played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1994 movie, "Junior."

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6 thoughts on “Pregnant Man?

    but wouldn't it be cool if he/she (whatever) discovered truth through this experience, I can't imagine that this tiny life won't have some affect on it's womb-bearer.

  2. i worry about this innocent child. Not only from the point of view that he/she has been taking testosterone that could harm the baby but from what this child will be taught is "normal" and acceptable and good. How confusing for that baby.If he/she wasn't happy being a woman then why go through the most AMAZING and difficult thing a woman can go through? It's quite odd to me.

  3. If he’s had work done then he is probably better classified (if we need to classify him) as a transsexual woman. I’ve learned a bit about the intersexual, transsexual and transgender groups lately, thanks to a visit to an art museum last week (it’s going to have an exhibition on the subject). From what I understand, there is confusion among this group on which gender role they must take, so there can be these contradictions.

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