Freedom Video

Well, here is a fancy but abbreviated expression of my story and the stories of Dennis Jernigan and Stephen Black.  Please watch it when you have a chance.  Clicking on the link will take you to First Stone Ministries' website and begin video play immediately.

Freedom Video

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2 thoughts on “Freedom Video

  1. That was an interesting video. I felt your testimony was the most nuanced and, personally, the least-alienating of the three (though they were all good, don't get me wrong). Your definition of healing definitely describes my own experiences the most out of the three. Personally, it's not that I am all of a sudden attracted to women (which can also be sinful if it's lustful; I see no distinction between homosexual sin and heterosexual sin in that regard). It's simply that God has opened my eyes and allowed me to see my own life: where I am sinning, where I am not, etc.
    He has also given me the strength and comfort to deal with some of the challenges celibacy (perhaps even lifelong celibacy) brings. I'd also attribute to him my more dynamic personality which has allowed me to be friends with a variety of people, and will probably protect me from being withdrawn and lonely as I get older but remain single.
    I suppose I felt slightly alienated by the other two testimonies because they are the least like mine. I was raised with very strong connections to my father and brother and they are the the two most important people in the world to me. I also wasn't abused and have never had a problem with having male friends. I don't know what the causes of my homosexuality are, but they are unimportant to me at this point. What's important is simply going forward and living my life in the fullness of Christ.

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