QotD: Spring Cleaning

Are you planning on doing any spring cleaning this year? If so, please share a cleaning tip you swear by.

Well, I have and I will.

We mowed the yard and raked up the last of the autumn leaves.
We cleaned the house.
We took all the hazardous waste to the hazardous waste center.
We've cleaned one car.  There is another to go.
We're already transitioning to a veggie diet.
I need to clean the grill so I can cook on it.
I need to buy new bedding material for the front bed.

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10 thoughts on “QotD: Spring Cleaning

  1. Wow! You have quite a list. I'm just happy I got all the branches hauled away from the ice storm last December.My wife and I have, however, planted two apple trees, various blackberry bushes, spinach and have a few other plants in a tiny green house waiting for the proper moment for planting.I need to mow this afternoon and maybe put out some fertilizer. The Spring chores, once started, stretch on until the Fall.

  2. You are a much better person than I am. Usually I just rip down the plastic from the windows I remembered to put plastic on in November. Then we can open the windows and blow the stink out.

  3. honestly, singaporeans are so different. We seldom have spring cleaning (prob we dont have spring! haha) and we seldom pack the house! I think its culture yea…

  4. No real cleaning tips but I am going to tackle painting the exterior of my home this spring. I've finally decided on the colors and I have even been able to borrow a paint sprayer…It ought to be a fun experience. Hope to get started by the end of the month. I think I'll post before, during and after pics.

  5. I still haven't thought of any real tips for cleaning but I sure appreciate your feedback on the "chore" that it can be. I am trying NOT to accumulate things. They become a burden, don't you agree?Thought for the day: Some things require that you go down to your knees to do them. Pulling weeds. Cleaning tile floors. Cleaning bathtubs and toilets. Some forms of prayer.

  6. I think the whole idea of spring cleaning is over-rated. I perfer to do winter cleaning, when I couldn't get out much because of the weather i found my self emptying closets and organizing drawers. the only draw back is i have bunch of boxes in the garage. I've decided to donate most of them to charity and after figuring my taxes realize it may be worth my while to itemize. I'm totally amazed at the fact the gov. thinks my junk is worth way more than i'd ever get for it in a yard sale.
    so my suggestion, do it in winter and write off the donations. $$$

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