A Meaure of Change – Part 1

Some of the comments are interesting.  I’ve said it before and will again that I’m more than a little puzzled at dispute.  Why is it that when a person says they are “gay” it is easily believed; then, if someone says they are “no longer gay” it is disputed?  In each case a person declares himself or herself as one thing or another.  These declarations are not scientifically derived. These statements are not objective.  If folks go to court as gay or straight couples, the legal system does not demand “proofs” that the couple is either gay or straight.  Our self-declarations are enough.

I think that the ex-gay faces such a different scrutiny.  Take one of “them” to the media, for example, and their introductions will say that they “claim” to no longer be gay.  Or (and I think this is worse), they will simply be told that they are wrong about themselves.  YOU, they’ll be told, are in denial.

It is the strangest experience of my life!  What thoughts, behaviors and inclinations use to define my life are no longer the measures of my life and existence.  It has been many years.  More importantly to me is that I was experiencing this internal and external transformation for many years before I entered into a marriage.  The marriage didn’t make me MORE changed…but did continue to draw out transformational experiences.

I plan to take this theme from post to post as a personal exercise and plan to share SOME of the transformational experiences I have walked through.  Wish me luck as I plan to keep these posts open to the public.

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2 thoughts on “A Meaure of Change – Part 1

  1. I really liked what one of our guest speakers in Living Waters said this year. He was being confronted about his "claim-to-change" and when the person said "YOU CAN'T CHANGE!" his reply was simply…. "TOO LATE, I ALREADY HAVE." What a terrific response to the disbelieving! I confessed I L-O-L!
    Keep proclaiming your "claim-to-change" Guitepicken, you are telling the truth!You speak of what you know, and you testify to what you have seen and experienced, because you cannot help speaking about it anymore than you could will yourself to quit breathing. You can not control that they still do not accept your testimony.
    Yet I tell you my dear friend, there are those like me that according to all evidence that I have seen and observed regarding your claims point to the truth of your statements and those of us that are searching for hope are amazed and give praise to God. I am truly filled with awe and say, "I have seen remarkable things today."
    I ecourage you to continue to proclaim to us what you have seen and heard and experienced, so that we can have deeper fellowship with you. After all our true fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.
    Please continue write these truths so that our joy can be complete and so that we can rejoice in your triumphs.

  2. I'm looking forward to reading these posts, GP. You inspire me and encourage my heart. Thank you for putting yourself out there for the sake of truth…and for Jesus' sake. Love you, sister.

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