QotW: My Go-To Movie

What's your "go-to" movie?  The one you watch when you need to just get away from it all?
Submitted by uncagedbird.

That movie would have to be The Princess Bride. " It's a story of fencing, fighting, pirates, revenge, a princess, and true love"  What more could I want?

Second to it would be Always. This is my favorite dead-people movie.  The music is great.  The romance is great (for a dead man) and it "feels" good.

Next, I would choose Somewhere In Time.  It has captured something in me that makes me WANT/DREAM/YEARN to go to Macinac Island and to the Grand Hotel AND to go back in time.  Beautifully filmed!  The music is amazing.  Christopher Reeve never performed better than he did here.

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5 thoughts on “QotW: My Go-To Movie

  1. Princess bride is def. classic~good pick
    funny thought just now, I think I would like to rent some of my fave movies from my teen years and see what i think of them now, Breakfast Club anyone?

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