Wednesday @ The Freedom Conference – Morning Devotionals

Randy Thomas wrote a bit about the first night of the conference so I'll send you there for information.


One of the opportunities at this conference is a formalized, morning devotional.  On Wednesday morning, Tony Moore shared from Mark 10.  Here is the story of Jesus bringing the little children to himself and making them an example to everyone else.  Tony spoke about becoming like a little child.  He emphasized especially the part when scripture records: Jesus took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.  Tony said that we usually stop at the challenge to become like these little children but this a description of HOW to do that.  We must allow Jesus to take us in his arms, to lay his hands on us and to bless us.  He said it is in the character of God and cited the story of the prodigal son…and the Father's response when he say the estranged son coming back home.  The Father ran to his son…and began to lavish love on his rebellious son.  Then, Tony said something on the side which I've been thinking about since the devotional time.  Tony said, "Compassion.  Come away passion."  Wow. 

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