Leaving Emotionally Destructive Relationships

The issues are many for those who are attempting to make changes in their lives.  Whether a person is trying to stop eating foods that are ill-advised or attempting to stop speeding in their cars, there are many decisions and reaffirmations of the goal required in order to successfully navigate through the emotions, physical, mental and spiritual obstacles that present when trying to make a change.  This is no different for someone who is trying to make healthy choices in relationship.  Randy Thomas at ETC:  Everyday Thoughts Collected has written on the topic of leaving emotionally destructive relationships.  I appreciate his clarity and wisdom.  Enjoy the article and let me/him/us know what you think.

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4 thoughts on “Leaving Emotionally Destructive Relationships

  1. As I was blog surfing this evening I came across your post and was stopped in my tracks by your post title on destructive relationships, I have been tormented greatly by this very thing for many years and only now have reached a crossroads and defining moment in my life where I know a decision must be made if I am ever to salvage my life. I read the article written by Randy Thomas and found it very timely as it applies to me personally, thank you. I hope you don't mind but I added you to my neighborhood!

  2. I'm grateful that you found something helpful here. Father, I pray for Patti as she needs help in putting action to her important decisions. Give her wisdom and protection as she moves forward.

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