Random Musings On A Lazy Saturday

I watched “Misery” on Lifetime Movie Channel.  You know the movie with Kathy Bates and James Caan?  It’s still good but STILL creeps me out completely.

Marilu Henner is starring in a new, made-for-tv movie called “The Governor’s Wife.”  They are running the trailers.  Creepy women creep me out.  Oh, and Henner’s facelift is terrible.  The eyes!  It’s the eyes!

Tonight we ate fried okra with soy flower and a little oil to fry (just a wee bit) and only 3 oz of chicken and I am still satisfied 3 hours later.  This (non-specified) really works! :::grin:::

We’ve had rain lately and I love it.

I love playing on facebook but the application called Knighthood makes me nervous and I just get all stressed out when I am in war mode.

I read The Shack like so many others have.  So many reviews have been written.  I still haven’t recommended it to anyone.  Can’t.  The depiction of how God touches the wounded hearts of others seems very accurate to me, however.  I can’t get that part of the storyline out of my head.

Did I ever confess to you that I was a subscriber to O Magazine for several years and loved it?  Several months ago I canceled the paid subscription and asked that they not send me any of the rest of the remaining issues.  I am a conscientious objector.  I really liked the publication (still did when I canceled) but cannot put any of my pennies in her coffers.  She is MONEY behind so much that I don’t…can’t…won’t support.  She is teaching the world what to think. http://guitpicken61.vox.com/library/post/pregnant-man.html Episodes like:  Born In The Wrong Body; Unprecedented Pregnancy; and, Transgender Families have cleared my decision there.

Ah, but I am supposed to be musing.

I think the word “controversial” is terribly overused.

My summer brushed against some controversy. 🙂

Sometimes I am so busy responding everywhere, that I forget to respond and write here.



5 thoughts on “Random Musings On A Lazy Saturday

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve heard so many good things about The Shack…

    One said, “The Shack is to this generation what The Pursuit of Holiness was to AW Tozers generation,” I think it’s on the back of the book.

    It’s an interesting book and I think it’s difficult to put our minds around it. However, it’s really reaching my generation in a big way.

    That being said, I haven’t read the book. It’s just that everyone I know who has read the book loves the book.

    I don’t know if you could accurately compare The Shack with The Pursuit of Holiness.

    I don’t blame you about canceling your description to O Magazine.

    Btw, I kinda got saved watching Oprah! Today, I find that kinda ironic. But, oh well. It’s just to show us that God will do whatever he can and use whatever vessel and tool to bring us to the place of reaching our our purpose and destiny that God has for us.

    I’m not advocating Oprah now. In the past I probably would have but honestly, I would much rather watch Ellen Degenerious.

  2. LL!!!!

    Welcome back! Ever since I’ve been watching your blog you’ve only posted two OLD blogs!

    Yes, it’s a shame about how The Shack is taken by so many to be a true story, and how feathers are truly ruffled when one states that they can’t recommend it b/c of some doctrinal issues!

    Frankly, it helped my prayer life for a spell, understanding as you said, that God touches the wounded hearts! But I don’t like implications that are left hanging out there like a dimpled-chad, etc.

    I liked the Bates movie in Maine, there, where her husband dies… Can’t remember… DOLORES CLAIBORNE or somesuch.

    At any rate, welcome back. Yes, I haven’t enjoyed a talk show since Donahue (I’m old)!

    I enjoyed the controversial part of your summer! (I think!)…


  3. Chas – I imagine the reason “Shack” is taken as a true story is because with the forward and closing comments, it is told like it is a true story.
    I forgot about THAT Bates movies!
    Donahue! I liked him too.
    Sorry I haven’t been faithful to blog.

    Janey – I don’t think I would ever compare the Pursuit of Holiness w/ The Shack. I’m amused at the thought of it. I would compare the “Shack” (popularity-wise) with…maybe… “This Present Darkness.” Not so much in the themes but in the popular appeal. We have generations coming behind that learn their spiritual beliefs from books like “The Shack” and so I am concerned about what is learned from “Shack.” Still, I do think the extreme teaching on forgiveness and God’s ability to touch the emotional, symbolic and “felt” wounds as entirely accurate and biblical.

    Thanks to both for your comments.

  4. I agree with you!

    The comparison with The Shack and The Pursuit of Holiness wasn’t my comparison but somebody else. I read it on the back of the book or from another well known commentator.

    That being said, I hadn’t read The Shack but have been wanting to.

    A friend of mine and I had talked a bit about The Shack and talked about how The Shack has a way of leading people through emotional healing as specially for those with Father woundings. Simply because of how The Father is portrayed in the book which some people have a problem with. I do think it’s a powerful way of getting a message across.

    I’d say it’s interesting. But I also agree, I wouldn’t look to The Shack as a resource to study Theology and Doctrine.

  5. I lovingly refer to the Great and Powerful O as my nemesis. 🙂 If I ever get to work on my doctorate, I’m writing my thesis on her as the embodiment of the culture of self-worship.

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