When the Wind Winds Wildly

My life is in some kind of whirling, swirling event.  Wow.  I wonder if I will ever have a chance to write again or to sit across from another brother or sister who is searching for answers?


2 thoughts on “When the Wind Winds Wildly

  1. Glad you got a couple seconds available, sis! It got kinda lonely over here in the blogosphere!

    Just remember that the whirling and swirling is blowing you along with the Holy Spirit! You are not alone because Jesus (who IS God with flesh on (still)) is with you even when fellow disciples and journeyers necessarily aren’t.


  2. You’re a good daughter, whatever decisions you guys end up making. You’re a good minister, however ministry will look like for you in the future. You’re a good writer, even in the three sentences you just wrote. And now, let’s hope you’re good for the $20 I think these compliments deserve. Seriously, I prefer cash.

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