The Dr. Demento Show of My Youth

I’m old.  These songs are older.  I remember feeling like such an adult when I found this amazing radio show and the music and humor it introduced.  The Dr. Demento Show was broadcast weekly from “sunny South Pasadena where the smogberries grow” and made it all the way to little ole Oklahoma City and to my little virginal ears.  There were the most amazing pieces of music and marvelous artists to experience through that show.

The Playmates – “Beep Beep” (The Little Nash Rambler)

Benny Bell – “Shaving Cream Song”

Monty Python – “Spam”

Monty Python – “Lumberjack Skit”

Napoleon XIV (Jerry Samuels) – “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”

There was the recording of Victor Borge doing some “heady” comedy bit about inflection and punctuation.

And, there was a version of Leroy Anderson’s “The Typewriter” of which this is a good arrangement. It would be worth your time to watch Jerry Lewis as he performs this.

Gee.  I just wanted to share.

Have a nice evening.


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